Painting "Sea at night" (London)

marine painter, London, UK, Europe Sea at night
Oil on canvas
60 X 50 cm
Price: 500.00
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Beautiful work, made solely with a palette knife. Very expressive, energetic, colourful, soulful . The work can be seen as abstract, although the sea represented very realistically. The waves are almost sculpted with a palette knife, giving the work a 3 D effect. Usually seascapes are painted during a day or at the sunrise/ sunset, this work captures sea at its most mystical, at night. All the colours shimmer through with a moonlight. Very romantic, yet energetic painting. There is a large range of colours Prussian blues, dark greens, purples and turquoise blue . I never use black paint in my art, so the darker areas are actually Prussian blues and dark green, this creates a sense of depth when the painting catches the sunlight. Also the top left and bottom right of the artwork has been dusted with pure gold and bronze powder. Although cannot be clearly seen on a photograph or when viewed directly, the powder captures the light and reflects it, reminiscent of the shimmering reflection of the moonlight at night.
Very beautiful artwork, photographs hardly give it any justice .
The edges are painted over in dark green ( pearly black effect) so it can be hanged on its own without a frame. Very interesting modern piece, will benefit from a well lighted room