About me


My passion for art began in my early youth and my life's endeavour is to create beautiful art.
Expressive atmospheric portraiture and figurative art is my principal avenue in that pursuit. It is the challenge of capturing a faithful likeness of my sitter combined with their emotions and spirit that I find most compelling.

My art focuses primarily on the figure- on gesture , light , sensuality of skin, intimate space and intricacies of human expression. I try to combine modern and old masters techniques and textures, to honour the history of painting and the pursuit of beauty. What perhaps originates in the anachronism, or nostalgia of glory gone reveals itself as the utmost relevant: the human and timeless.

My motivation for painting is to evoke a feeling, to create a connection with the sitter's deep rooted emotions. Although conventional in composition , I try to instil in the work a strong sense of energy and tension.

While the majority of my figurative art can be described as atmospheric , full of sensitivity and depth , my landscapes are brimming with vigour and colour . In my landscape pieces I try to represent an untouched vision of nature , to transport the viewer to the reflective and pure environment in which my landscapes are created . By means of plein- air techniques and the use of cement trowels as brushes , an innovative approach to oil paint is realized, resulting in works that are simultaneously dynamic and soothing. These landscapes overwhelm the senses with lush and vivid scenes while also allowing room for mediation on the deeper relations.

Born in Ukraine , 1986

Katya lives and works in London , UK.